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Choosing the Right Couples Cruise

Going on a cruise can sometimes be an expensive trip to take and for most people, getting the time off work to take a vacation can be difficult. Because the opportunities to go on a cruise can be rare, it’s important to fully research what your options are before booking a cabin with any one cruise line. Not all ships are made equal and some boats are designed to appeal more to a certain demographic. Booking your vacation on the cruise ship that’s right for you can ensure you have the best time possible on your romantic getaway.

Age Limits

This may not be something that matters to everyone, but some cruise ships have age limits for their passengers in order to cater specifically to young adults, all adults, families, or seniors. If you’re traveling with children, finding a ship that is geared towards family activities would be ideal. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you may prefer a cruise ship that is designed for adult couples while avoiding cruises that are geared towards a singles only or party type of crowd.


Every different cruise ship offers different varieties of entertainment. Finding out what is available on the ship you intend to book with will help you determine if there will be plenty for you to do or if you will be stuck playing round after round of mini golf because you’ve chosen a ship that didn’t offer the dance lessons you were hoping for.

A lot of amenities such as pools, spas, and bars will be a standard addition to any ship, but it’s still a good idea to check what kind of on board pricing you should expect from the bars and what kind of dining is available. Knowing what will be available on the ship you choose can prevent you from regretting your cruise line decision once you’ve already set out to sea.

Deciding On a Room

Before picking the cheapest room available or going all out and booking an extravagant balcony suite, take some time to determine what you’ll need once you’re on board and what you can live without. There can be a big price difference between in the inner cabins, the cabins with portholes, and the balcony suites. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the cheapest cabins may not always be ideal. However if you and your partner plan on seeing very little of your lodgings and will be spending most of your time on the deck, it could be a good idea to shack up in one of the discounted suites.

If you’re looking for a romantic experience but you’re traveling with children, make sure there is some kind of kid’s group activity on board that you can leave them at for awhile to enjoy some time to yourselves. To have the most romantic experience possible choose a cruise ship that stops at ports you and your lover find romantic. Most importantly, just take the time to enjoy each other and appreciate this amazing experience together.

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Adding Some Adventure to Your Romantic Getaway

Not every couple is looking for a candlelit dinner on the beach at dusk with violins serenading you. If sharing a thrilling experience with your significant other sounds like a more appealing way to connect, planning a vacation full of adventure and excitement will be infinitely more fulfilling and enjoyable than looking at the paintings in the Louvre or sharing a quiet gondola ride in the canals of Venice.

Connecting With Nature

If you and your beloved enjoy the outdoors, one of the best and least expensive vacation ideas can be found in planning an incredible camping expedition. Spending time together, alone in the wilderness and experiencing what nature has to offer, can be a fantastic way to develop a fuller appreciation for each other. Depending on your levels of fitness, adding some hiking, rafting, kayaking, and mountain climbing activities to your plans can spice up your camping itinerary.

Walking on the Wild Side

For those traveling to Africa, India, or Australia, going on an exciting safari adventure could likely be the highlight of your vacation. It can be thrilling and awe inspiring to get up close and personal to the fierce wildlife these areas have to offer. Be sure to book with a well known tour company to allow for the best safari experience possible.

Extreme Adventures

If you and your partner take thrill seeking to the next level, planning a vacation focussed on achieving the maximum adrenaline rush can be the adventure of a lifetime. Determine where you’ll be travelling to for your vacation, then get as much info as possible from the local tourism centers to create an extreme sports itinerary that still allows you to see all the local sights. Cliff diving next to a dazzling waterfall or para-sailing at one of the nicest beaches in the area can give you the opportunity to soak up the amazing scenery while getting a rush at the same time.

Exotic Exploration

Exploring the ruins, caves, and jungles of South America is an adventure rich in history and excitement. Snorkeling through vibrantly coloured reefs is highly romantic in the sheer beauty and wonder of what nature has to offer. Crocodile tours in the Everglades or helicopter tours over infamous volcanoes can add a sense of danger to the romance.

Romantic vacations don’t always have to include flowers and candles, so booking a vacation that excites both your partner and yourself is a sure fire way to have the best vacation experience possible. Sharing a spectacular adventure and building memories that will never fade can make for one of the most romantic vacations possible.

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Couples Vacations While Staying Close To Home

Getting away for a relaxing vacation with the one you love can be easier than booking an expensive cruise or a lengthy international flight. Staying local and spending time with each other can be just as romantic as booking a vacation abroad while allowing you to save money and travel time. A change of scenery in a hotel or cabin you’ve never been to is sometimes all it takes to make your holiday seem like an exotic adventure.

Escaping the City

When your day to day life is the hustle and bustle of the city you probably don’t want to check yourself into a hotel room that offers the same view as your downtown apartment. Depending on where you live, driving an hour out of town could put you into a drastically more rural area where you’ll find quaint bed & breakfasts or charming cottages available to rent.

If you live near an ocean, booking a beach house or for a night or two can be a relaxing change of pace from the noise and traffic you’re used to. Local lakes often have cabins available to escape to for the weekend as well. Or if hanging out by a body of water doesn’t suit you, driving up into the mountains for a couple of days of hiking and camping can be a fantastic way to get some time alone together in the quiet and beauty of the wilderness.

Downtown Getaways

Living in an area where you already have all the peace and quiet you could ever want may leave you with the need for a little more excitement. Heading to the nearest big city and checking into one of the nicer hotels in the area can provide a welcome contrast to your everyday routine. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, book the penthouse suite and unwind in a luxurious Jacuzzi while sharing a decent bottle of champagne.

Staying downtown can give you access to a wide variety of dining and entertainment options you may not always have. Before your vacation, check out what live shows are going on in the area and surprise your partner with some tickets. Reading reviews of the local restaurants and making some reservations in advance can also take the worry out of deciding where to eat when you should just be relaxing.

Most cities can surprise you with what they have to offer when you don’t take the time to be a tourist in your own town. For more ideas on exciting things to do in your area, pop into your city’s tourism center or go to your local tourism website to take a look at your hometown from an outside perspective.

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Taking a Couples Vacation to Bring You Closer Together

Regardless of where you’re currently at in your relationship, taking a trip together is a great way to bring you closer to your significant other. Whether it’s a new relationship and you’d like to get to know each other better, or you’ve been together for years and you’d like to reconnect, a couple’s vacation will give you the time alone you need to focus only on each and forget about the distractions of your everyday life.

Vacations for the First Timers

If you’re in a new relationship and have yet to travel together or spend much time alone for longer periods, starting off small can be very important. Taking a weekend trip together can be a great opportunity to get a better feel for one another, but going anywhere for too long or too far away could strain a new relationship.

Driving an hour out of town and checking into a romantic little bed and breakfast or spending the weekend in the penthouse suite of a local hotel will keep you close enough to home to let you stay in your comfort zones. A casual getaway that doesn’t involve any complicated flights or reservations will keep things light and stress free.

The Honeymoon Vacation

Even if it isn’t your actual honeymoon, a vacation with the person you’re in a serious relationship with should be exciting and romantic. You know each other well enough at this point that you can go away for a week or more and take that extra time to see and do all the exciting things your destination has to offer.

Traveling to a tropical location that’s a little further from home can add an exotic and exciting feel that a local vacation might lack. Take this opportunity to not only enjoy each other’s company, but to pack in as much sight seeing, guided tours, and thrilling activities as you can into your trip.

Reconnecting After Decades of Marriage

If you’ve been together a long time, you’ve probably been on plenty of vacations. You’ll likely have your favorite spots you go to year after year, but while you may enjoy them just fine, you could be missing out on destinations you’ll potentially fall in love with. Spend a little time with your spouse to research some new travel ideas and spice things up with a vacation destination you’ve never seen before.

If you have the opportunity to travel for longer periods of time, taking an extended vacation to places such as India, Africa, Greece, or Europe will allow you to tour through different countries and see more than you’d have ever thought possible. These locations could be quite a bit more expensive than your standard week you spend in Las Vegas or New York, but it might be worth it to skip one or two vacations and save up for something a little more extravagant and exciting for your next escape.

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