How To Break 80 Golf Instruction Program

How To Break 80 Golf Instruction Program

Let me start off by saying this is not another one of those golf gimmick web sites… this is the real deal folks. My program has been in many major golf publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf World and several others. I’ve also won several awards for my publications, authored thousands of articles and you can find my program all over the internet.

Why is my program so popular?

Because It Works!

The techniques and strategies I’m about to show you will help lower your handicap quickly!

According to NGT research, there are over 60 million golfers in the world today and less than half of us will ever break 100. 33% will break 90, but only 5% of all golfers will ever break 80!

That’s only 3 million people out of 60 million golfers!

How To Break 80® and Shoot Like the Pros! has quickly become one of the best selling golf instruction programs because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living. This is not a simple collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf instruction…it is your personal guide to lower scores.

In this book, you’ll learn the simple steps to create more consistency with your swing and game in general. To learn these steps takes approximately 30 minutes and also provides drills to ensure you can incorporate these new techniques into your game. Now, this isn’t simply a guide that shows you 4 steps. It’s a complete manual on how to shoot your best scores ever. I cover all aspects of the game so that you can develop a solid all-around game in your quest to drop shots.

How To Break 80 Golf Instruction Program

So, just for trying it today, I’ll give you a 60 day money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase! No questions asked.
That means you could keep it for a week or dust it off 3 months later and get your money back. It’s just that simple. You simply try it… RISK FREE.

***And Just So You Know I’m Both Serious and Confident…***

In addition, I’ll give YOU $50 if it’s all been a waste of your time. If, after diligently following my instructions and practicing at least fifteen minutes every day for 30 days, you honestly feel that you haven’t improved a bit and working with my system has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me about it. For that, I’ll happily send you a check for $50.
I’m not worried about this offer because I know most of you are honest folks and will hold up your end of the bargain. More importantly I know my system works. I’m 100% positive I can help your game and have a big impact in just 30 days.
That’s my famous guarantee and it’s as straightforward as they come.

How To Break 80 Golf Instruction Program