What Are The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

For centuries, chocolate has been one of the most bought sweet tasting desserts in the world. But one thing that clouds the great attribute of this all-time favorite treat is the myth surrounding it that a food that tastes good can be bad for the health making chocolates too one of the most perceived food that can be dangerous to the health of the people. For this reason, many are cautious when devouring chocolates, especially those who are extremely conscious of their health.

But with researches and discoveries made these days, chocolates might not be so bad after all. In fact, there are health benefits that are associated with chocolates and can be good for the consumers. This is particularly true if people choose and consume chocolates wisely.

The surprising news pertains to the fact that a chocolate can contain over 300 chemicals, which have become the subject that scientific organizations and universities have focused and led to the good news.

So, these are what they found regarding the health benefits of chocolate:

1. It is found that the main source of chocolate, the cacao, has been proven to have antibacterial agents that actually help fight tooth decay. This is in contrast of course to the traditional myth where mothers would warn their children against eating chocolate as it can ruin their teeth.
2. Chocolate is believed to be an elevator of moods of the people as it also has phenyl ethylamine.
3. Chocolate has smell that actually helps people to relax and be freed with stress specifically due to the fact that it increases theta brain waves.
4. Contrary to the early myth, chocolate can be good to people having problems with bad cholesterol. The health food contains a kind of monounsaturated fat, called oleic acid, which raises good cholesterol.
5. Chocolate can be good for people who are weight-conscious. One hot chocolate cup taken before means help reduce appetite.
6. The chocolate also contains flavonoids, which are instrumental for keeping blood vessels more elastic.
7. Chocolate contains chemicals that help increase antioxidants levels found in blood.
8. It is also discovered that men can live another year longer if they consume chocolates.
9. Carbohydrates were found to contain chocolate, which is good for maintaining a good sense of well-being as it helps increase serotonin levels found in the brain.
10. Chocolate has been used by the Mexican healers to treat insect bites and bronchitis.

In addition to the above findings, there are other researches that negate some half-truths about chocolate. Here they are:

1. Although chocolate can contain the stimulants bromine and caffeine, these are in tiny quantities that do not lead to nervous excitability.
2. Chocolate is never addictive.
3. Chocolate does not contain chemicals that make as acne causative factor.
4. It doesn’t make anyone high. You have to consume about 25lbs in one sitting, a huge quantity only found to make you experience any noticeable effect.
5. Chocolate will not increase bad cholesterol as it actually contains a neutral fat called stearic acid.

But just like any other foods that also have a negative side, chocolate has some too, but are way far to outweigh the health benefits found.

1. People with migraines are not advised to take chocolate as it can trigger the illness more.
2. If chocolate is consumed with milk, it can contain sugar, saturated fat, and high caloric contents.